Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Adorable Cat Siblings. MON and MIN.

"Hai, I am Mon!"

..."and this is my little sister, Min"

"Sometimes mummy call me Montel or Momon
I don't like it!! grrrr......."

"mummy call me Min, and sometime Minee
i love it! hihih..."

"I am hiding from my mummy shhh....."

"me playing with my sibling."

"we love each other!"

Min sniffing.....

"mummy, I see something!"

Min looking at mummy...

"what are you staring at?"

p/s: Mon a.k.a Montel dan Min a.k.a Minee dua hekor anak Kakak Baby yang sudah pon berusia sebulan. Si jantan Mon yang bermata kecil dan berwajah besar yang brutal, manakala si betina Min yang bermata beso dan berwajah kecil yang manis. alolo...manis la sangattt, bucuk je ponn